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Kyle Curtis
Lic. # 898066


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Complete Yard Care Contract

Section A: BASIC SERVICES - included in annual cost base rate

Henceforth the term contractor shall refer to Humboldt Landscape or any of its employees.

1 Turf grass areas:

1.1 Trash/Debris Contractor shall remove all trash debris from all turf grass areas including all planters and islands to be mowed prior to commencement of mowing operations.

1.2 Mowing Grass shall be mowed a minimum of once per week during the growing season to ensure height is maintained between 1.5" and 4" as recommended for the grass species. All areas adjacent to hardscape or paved areas shall be mechanically edge trimmed upon completion of mowing operations once every 4 weeks. String trim edges 3 times every 4 weeks.

1.3 Mowers shall have a mulching blade with no side discharge.

1.4 Visible grass clippings shall be bagged and removed from site

and disposed of in a legal manner.

1.5 Mowing operations shall be postponed when weather or conditions will result in rutting or damage to turf.

1.6 Contractor shall inspect all areas containing turf grass including planters and island at the time of the scheduled mowing to determine if the turf has developed insect or disease problems, and if so, must promptly bring those conditions to the attention of the owner.

2 Fertilization and Weed Control:

2.1 All turf grass areas shall be fertilized as necessary and in accordance with accepted turf grass management practices for the species, to ensure the grass is maintained in a healthy and thriving condition. Preferred fertilization method is slow release granular. Unless otherwise agreed to by client, fertilization shall occur quarterly.

2.2 Contractor shall apply post-emergent herbicide to turf grass areas at appropriate intervals and at such seasonal times as may be required to ensure the areas are free of broadleaf and annual grassy weeds.

2.3 Where irrigation systems are in place, contractor shall water fertilized areas following the application except when using a combination fertilizer/herbicide, in which case the contractor temporarily turns off irrigation system for a period not to exceed 48 hours from time of application.

2.4 Contractor shall provide and install warning flags delineating areas receiving chemical applications including fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide treatment. Flags shall be removed at the next service date.

3 Fertilization:

3.1 Trees, shrubs, shrub beds, and groundcover shall be fertilized at evenly scheduled periods throughout the growing season, which shall be two times per year.

3.2 Contractor shall utilize slow release fertilizers in accordance with fertilizer manufacturers recommendation for size and species.

3.3 For trees, fertilization shall be 13-3-13 (N-P-K) and shall be applied at a rate of 1 pound per inch of trunk diameter measured six inches above tree base. Fertilizer shall be applied uniformly throughout the area beneath the canopy of each tree, except where trees overhang sidewalks, drives, or other hardscape areas.

3.4 For shrubs, shrub beds and groundcover, fertilizer shall be 13-3-13

(N-P-K) and shall be uniformly applied throughout area at a rate of 1 pound per 100 square feet.

4 Tree, Palm Tree, and Shrub Trimming:

4.1 Contractor shall inspect all tree staking and guying at least once monthly to ensure adequate support is provided, and shall adjust as needed. In the event that there is evidence of girdling, contractor shall adjust guying to prevent further girdling. Or, if the plant is established enough to support itself, guying and staking shall be removed and disposed of off-site. Any holes in soil resulting from removing operations shall be filled with soil and compacted to existing adjacent grades.

4.2 Contractor shall inspect the site at each service date for dead or dying trees, shrubs, or groundcover, and shall notify client promptly of such conditions along with an estimate and proposal for removal and replacement of same plant. All trimming and pruning of trees, shrubs, and groundcover shall be performed so as to maintain the plants in a healthy condition and in accordance with all current applicable horticultural practices accepted by "Sunset Western Garden Book".

4.3 Trimming: (where material is within 15 vertical feet from grade) Contractor shall trim as necessary to eliminate hazardous conditions, and to maintain visibility at all vehicle intersections. Trim as necessary to remove dead, broken, or diseased portions that cannot be controlled by chemical applications. Trimming shall include removal of all basal sucker growth as necessary.

4.4 Trees shall be pruned during slow growth or dormant season, or as approved by generally accepted horticultural practices for species being pruned.

4.5 Shrubs shall be pruned two times; once during dormant period and once after new growth has hardened to maintain plants' natural or desired shape.

5 Weed Abatement:

5.1 Contractor shall ensure that all landscape areas are kept in a weed-free condition.

5.2 Contractor shall ensure that all hardscape and paved areas (including sidewalk areas) are kept in a weed free condition.

5.3 Any and all weeds three inches in height or width shall be removed manually. Any weeds smaller than three inches shall be sprayed with a Glyphosate weed killer.

5.4 Contractor may apply a spring pre-emergent herbicide in landscape areas where weed mat has not been used.

6. Irrigation System Maintenance:

6.1 Contractor shall visually inspect the site at each date of service for evidence of malfunctioning irrigation system including but not limited to missing or broken irrigation heads, leaking or stuck valves and/or broken supply lines. Any repairs needed that are not covered hereafter shall be immediately reported to client. Contractor shall provide client with a proposal for such repairs as soon as reasonably practical.

6.2 Minor repairs to the irrigation shall be included in the Complete Yard Care Contract rate. Such service and material shall include: adjustment to spray coverage, adjustment of automatic controller, unclogging of nozzles, replacement and resetting heads to proper alignment for correct coverage.

6.3 At any sign of malfunctioning irrigation system, such as soggy areas or dry, dying grass, the contractor shall manually inspect and operate irrigation system to ensure the system is operating properly.

Section B: ADDITIONAL BASIC SERVICES (priced/paid separately):

7 Mulch:

7.1 Mulch is defined as wood chips, bark chips, cocoa chips or other organic material, rocks, gravel etc. Contractor shall provide only clean, non-dyed, toxic free mulch free of disease and weed materials.

7.2 Contractor shall "dress" existing mulch in areas so that all existing mulch is evenly distributed and of uniform depth throughout all landscape beds and tree basins and eliminate bare areas prior to installation of new mulch materials.

7.3 Contractor shall deliver and uniformly place at least 1 inch of new mulch on top of existing mulch to ensure that all landscape areas contain at least 2Inches but no more than 4 inches of mulch throughout all landscape beds and tree basins. Contractor shall remove from site any amounts of excess (existing) mulch as may be required to allow for new application, where such application would create a situation where the bed would be overfilled, or spilling over into adjacent areas (roadways, walks, and turf areas).

7.4 Contractor shall, as reasonably practical, match (type and texture) all mulch products currently existing on site.

7.5 Cost of mulch services shall not be included in monthly rate. Annual cost shall be split between two mulch applications.

8 Aeration, Topdressing

8.1 All turf grass areas shall be aerated, with a core aerator annually. Aeration shall occur 14 days prior to fall fertilization.

8.2 All turf grass areas shall have topdressing of inch of compost added in the fall, preferably when fertilizing aerated areas.


9.1 Landscaping services provided for a partial month shall be prorated and billed accordingly.

9.2 Contractor shall submit each monthly billing statement as a single invoice, broken down into the days at the site and the job performed. Each additional basic service shall be indicated on a separate line.

9.3 Contractor shall submit each monthly billing statement during the first week of the month, following the month in which the service was performed.

9.4 Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of the bill. After 90 days the client, signed below, is responsible for the cost of litigation.


Complete Yard Care Contract

I accept the terms of Section 9 payment procedures (mandatory)


I accept/decline the terms of the complete yard care contract for the monthly price of:


I accept/decline the terms of the additional basic services for mulch mentioned in the section 7 for the price of:


I accept/decline the terms of the additional basic services for aeration mentioned in the section 8 for the price of: